The City of Shoreline has been busy developing the preliminary design to update 145th Street (SR-523) from Aurora Avenue North to I-5. This new design will improve safety and ensure that this critical corridor can effectively serve Shoreline and the growing number of travelers who rely on it every day.

Visit the stations below to learn more about the project and to let us know if the design is on the right track! This site will be available until May 1, 2019.

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If you would like to read more about past work and other projects happening on 145th Street before you get started, visit our website.

Cars drive past a section of 145th Street where the road is cracked and has potholes.
Road conditions on 145th Street need repair to support the growing number of people using this corridor
Non-ADA compliant curb ramps lead to a narrow, non-ADA compliant sidewalk along 145th Street.
Many curb ramps on 145th Street are not ADA compliant


145th Street Background

145th Street is a major connector for northwest King County. The road connects Shoreline’s neighborhoods with the region’s businesses, parks, and services, as well as linking the cities of Seattle, Lake Forest Park, Kenmore, and Bothell.

In the coming years, the corridor will need to support even more travelers when Sound Transit’s new Shoreline South/145th Street light rail station opens. 145th Street will become the region’s primary east-west connection to this important station.

Shoreline has heard from residents and stakeholders for several years that 145th Street needs to be improved. The primary concerns the community has shared include safety, congestion, narrow sidewalks, lack of bike connections, and limited transit service.

The project will aim to ensure that everyone can walk, bike, bus, access transit, and drive safely and reliably along and across the corridor.

145th Street is complex!

The roadway is shared by both Shoreline and Seattle, though WSDOT, Sound Transit, and King County Metro play big roles in the future of the corridor. During the 145th Multimodal Corridor Study, we also worked closely with neighborhood stakeholders as part of a Citizen's Advisory Task Force.

The complex nature of 145th Street means that we’re coordinating with nearby cities and agencies, including WSDOT, City of Seattle, King County, Sound Transit, and the Puget Sound Regional Council to ensure that the future corridor works for everyone.

185th, 175th and 145th street corridors run between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington.
Historic map showing the primary east-west corridors through Shoreline
(Click to enlarge)
Many people are sitting in rows or standing along the perimeter of Shoreline City Hall during a public meeting.
Members of the community were involved throughout the 145th Street Multimodal Corridor Study

What work have we already completed?

Shoreline 145th Street Corridor Multimodal Corridor Study

To determine how to best improve all of 145th Street between 3rd Avenue N to Lake City Way. After a year-long process that included lots of great community input, Shoreline City Council approved the preferred concept in April 2016.

Project Lead: City of Shoreline
When: 2015-2016
Project goals:

  • Examined different ways to improve 145th Street between 3rd Ave NW and Lake City Way NE
  • Gathered important feedback from the community and a Citizen's Advisory Task Force

For more information, visit the study webpage!

The Corridor Project

The Corridor Project

Overall project design goals

  • Improved intersection safety and traffic flow, including signal upgrades, left turn lanes, and improved signal timing
  • Enhanced pedestrian access, including improved sidewalks and crosswalks, new pedestrian countdown signals, ADA accessible curb ramps, and options to cross safely
  • Improved bike access through a parallel corridor neighborhood greenway network
  • Enhanced stormwater management features and landscaping
  • Improved bus travel and public transit facilities

Project Schedule

2015 - 2016


145th Street Multimodal Corridor Study

  • Three public engagement events
  • Citizen's Advisory Task Force
  • Technical Advisory Team with partners
  • City Council approved preferred concept

2017 - 2019

Preliminary Design

145th Street Multimodal Corridor Project

2020 - 2022

Final Design & Right-of-Way Acquisition



Project Construction Phasing and Funding

We anticipate that 145th Street Corridor improvements will be built in phases, as project funding becomes available and is secured. Work will start in the east, closest to I-5, and move west towards Aurora Avenue North.

The three phases of work are anticipated to be, from east to west:

  • Corridor Phase 1: Between I-5 & Corliss Avenue North
  • Corridor Phase 2: Between Corliss Avenue North & Wallingford Avenue
  • Corridor Phase 3: Between Wallingford Avenue North & Aurora Avenue North
  • Off-Corridor Bike Network Phase

Construction of Phase 1 is currently anticipated to begin in early 2021, followed by construction of Phase 2 beginning in early 2023, pending funding. Construction of Phase 3 will be determined at a future date as funding becomes available.

Project Implementation

Link to screen reader-friendly description below
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Phase 3

Wallingford Avenue to Aurora Avenue North Anticipated cost for this phase: $13.7 million

Phase 2

Corliss Avenue to Wallingford Avenue Anticipated cost for this phase: $22 million

Phase 1

I-5 to Corliss Avenue Anticipated cost for this phase: $26.7 million

Secured funds

These project funds are already dedicated to the project in either the local, state or federal budget

Unsecured funds

These project funds are not yet identified, but they may come from either local, state or federal sources

What else is happening on the Corridor?

I-5 Interchange Improvements:

Project Leads: City of Shoreline, WSDOT, and Sound Transit
When: 2017 – Present
Current phase: Design

Project goals:

  • Improve traffic operations
  • Improve access for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Support travelers going to and from the Shoreline South/145th Station

For more information, visit the project webpage!

SR-522/NE 145th Street Bus Rapid Transit Project:

Project Lead: Sound Transit
When: 2018 – Present
Current phase: Design

Project goals:

  • Improve transit priority at signals
  • Install Bus Rapid Transit stops
  • Improve sidewalks
  • Improve intersections

For more information, visit Sound Transit's project webpage!

Design Element

145th Corridor Design

Following confirmation of the preferred design concept for the 145th Street Corridor, our team has been hard at work turning this community-supported vision into a reality.

Click through the images below to see how the overall design is shaping up. Click on an image to make it larger.

Project Design Elements

The new 145th Street Corridor will include several different design elements to help us achieve the project goals and make the roadway safer and more accessible.

Click on the boxes below to see our ideas for incorporating the different design elements. After you’ve reviewed them, visit the feedback section at the bottom of the page to share your thoughts and let us know if we’re on the right track!

Typical 4-lane Cross Section:

(Click to enlarge)

Typical 5-lane Cross Section:

(Click to enlarge)


Let us know what you think! 

Comments on the design will be accepted until May 1.

Next Steps

Thank you for visiting! Shoreline will consider the ideas that you shared as we continue to design the 145th Street Corridor between Aurora Ave N and I-5. We anticipate coming back later in 2019 to share the final design and let you know how we incorporated your thoughts.

Here’s what’s coming up next for the project:


Finalizing environmental review and working to complete the 60 percent design for phase 1 and phase 2 of the project

Mid-2019 – late 2020:

Design and right-of-way acquisition on phase 1

Late 2020 – early 2021

Design and right-of-way acquisition on phase 2

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